Knitting Sleeves

Now that the pillow is done (both the star pillow and the pattern to make it are listed in my Etsy store), I have no excuse to ignore my striped sweater. I have tried to implement the policy that if one dedicates a few minutes to a project everyday, at the end of the week one has dedicated a full two hours to it. Of course, at this rate, this warm wool sweater will be finished just in time for the dog days of summer. Clearly, I need to step it up a bit.

Another bit of advice I tried to implement was the following: one should always knit sleeves at the same time. This advice seemed logical. It even seemed like it would save me time by not having to count rows and measure every few minutes. I’ve decided it is not advisable when working with more than one color. The colors keeps twisting around each other. I have spent more time untwisting the balls of yarn than I have spent knitting. I caught myself wishing I could burn the sleeves this morning. When one starts thinking such wicked thoughts, it is time to conquer and divide the sleeves.

And, so, I have done just that. Well, I divided them. The conquering part still waits to be seen.

Can I boast that I am a quarter of the way done?

With no baseball to watch tonight (Phillies have been postponed again due to all this rain), I hope to make some headway on these sleeves.

Supper time! Potato soup … mmmmm. On a cold, wet day like today, I think it’s just what the doctor ordered.

Happy Knitting!


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