Week 2 of Homeschooling

Week 2 had its ups and downs. I’m still not adept enough to hit anything out of the ballpark.

On what was supposed to be the 2nd day of homeschooling in Week 2, I completely dropped the ball. Instead of doing school, I drug my kids to a year-end report meeting, a homeschooling meeting and a pool date where they swung on swings, ran through a sprinkler and swam in the shallow end.

They had a marvelous time; I checked off my tasks, but no school happened. For a brief second, I entertained the idea of squeezing it between dinner and bedtime, but I was exhausted and knew I wouldn’t have the patience.

Despite redoubling my efforts in a mere 2 days, I was done with doing school at home. Cabin fever had set in. I detest being stuck indoors, so we took our school band on the road. Jake got a walk, the kids got exercise, I found peace and school was fun again.

Later that day, we went on a field trip to Upper Schuylkill Valley Park, one of our favorite parks to visit. We visited the turtles, bald eagle, owls, donkey and the crowd-pleasers, Hunter and Scout, the wolf brothers. Afterwards, we all played at the river’s edge.

As an extra bonus, we talked to the men cutting down 2 trees. Elly and Brooke were fascinated by the process and the boss man was happy to answer our many questions.

Thankfully, the next day was Friday and a good friend thought it would be fun to conduct science experiments with her 3 boys and my girls. Her enthusiasm helped me end the week on a high note. Everybody, teachers included, enjoyed experimenting with gravity and bubbles. I’m not sure which the kids loved more: blowing bubbles or dropping paper airplanes over a balcony.


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