Tomatoes and Lightning

On Tuesday of last week, a major thunderstorm rolled through our area. The thunder claps that followed the huge bolts of lightning shook the whole house. Poor Jake spent the entire time laying underneath my feet.

We lost electricity several times, but each time it snapped back on. It seemed we had escaped the worst. When I started to turn lights and appliances back on, it became clear that not everything was still working.

As luck would have it, Dan was in Las Vegas attending a bachelor party and wedding. That left Jake and I to tackle the long list of broken items. You can just imagine how much help Jake was.

Both of the GSI outlets in the kitchen had been tripped. The less important one could be reset, but the one that the fridge was plugged into could not be. An industrial extension cord solved that little problem until the handyman could arrive the next morning to replace the outlet.

The home phones didn’t have a dial tone. Verizon had to come out and replace the wire that ran to the telephone pole. It had been fried. The tech was the first one to suggest that we might have been struck by lightning.

The exhaust fan in the kitchen died. We still haven’t come up with a plan to address that problem.

The cable modem, router and everything plugged into the router died. Since Dan is the official techie  in our house, the internet stayed down until his return.

Which left me with ample time to reap the benefits of my vegetable garden:

Tomatoes Galore!

The large tomatoes were cooked up into tomato juice (the ones that didn’t end up in my salad, that is).

The smaller Roma tomatoes were made up into a soup. Plus I still had extra to throw into a chili.

And more tomatoes are still coming off the vine every day. Oh, how I love this time of year.

Baby Notes:
I had my 19-week appointment yesterday. I have gained the appropriate weight and am right on target for belly growth.
The baby’s heartbeat was holding steady at 140.
But the big news is that I am scheduled to have an ultrasound done on Friday, Sept 4th. Hopefully, we’ll find out whether the baby is a he or a she.


7 thoughts on “Tomatoes and Lightning

  1. Oh what a pain! Our satellite for the TV got hit last year, horrible. And your tomatoes look great, mine not so much. So excited to hear about the baby, and I’m glad all is going well.

  2. Your tomatoes look fantastic! I live in a highrise building so a vegetable garden is impossible but I’ve been thinking about container gardening.

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