Sunday Snapshots (of Thanksgiving food)

It took me one week plus one day to cook everything for Thanksgiving dinner.

The main meal consisted of the following:
Cranberry sauce
Mashed Potatoes
Risotto with pesto and roasted tomatoes
Green bean fritters
Whiskey carrots
Sourdough rolls

The only thing that came out of a bag was the frozen corn kernels. I also cheated on the risotto by using store-bought vegetable stock. I normally make my own stock, but the 2 vegetarians in our family frown on my using meat stock. Of course, that means they won’t touch the stuffing so I make it extra meaty by adding sausage. mmmm, sausage.

The dessert menu was as follows:
Pumpkin pie
Maple pecan pie
Apple cranberry pie
Turkey candies

It broke my heart when I saw Elly eating almost nothing from the Thanksgiving meal, but all was forgiven when she inhaled close to half of the pumpkin pie. 

I injured my shoulder on that pumpkin pie because I bought a neck pumpkin that was probably bigger than Elly. It was a beast to cut up! But, it was worth it. Fresh pumpkin tastes so much better than store-bought canned pumpkin. Yet, a lesson was learned. Next year, I will buy two smaller neck pumpkins.

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