Cutting the Grass

Our lawn mower broke. Hurray!

For years, I have encouraged Dan to replace his push mower. The untimely death of it was just the push Dan needed. Finally, he is going to research riding mowers and hopefully purchase one at the end of the season when they all go on sale.

If the meantime, we will be using a lawn service. My next door neighbor is going to be thrilled. He gets twitchy and downright annoying when our grass gets too long.

I too am thrilled. The lawn will no longer interfere with our family time.

Yet, I am a little nervous about using a lawn service. I have seen how fast their fancy riding mowers move. My newly planted trees and plants won’t stand a chance.

dwarf pine tree

3 abelias

crape myrtle

Perhaps I should construct brick walls around all of them or buy more round tomato cages.

peach tree


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