Knitting on the Beach

I take my knitting almost everywhere with me, allowing me to squeeze in a few minutes of knitting here and there. So, it only seemed right to take it on a beach trip.

Watching the kids happily wile away their time in the sand and listening to the ocean lap along the shore was beautiful. It was so relaxing to knit in such a place.

Sand has a way of getting into everything so naturally it got on the yarn as well as the rug. A quick shake got rid of the lion’s share. The rug will need to washed and blocked when I am done knitting it up and the rest of the sand should come off then.

The amazing part was how much knitting I was able to accomplish. All of the orange yarn has been knit up. All of the blue yarn that I brought with me was knit up. I might have even finished the rug if I had brought more yarn with me!

Thanks go to Michelle Haigh for the photos.


2 thoughts on “Knitting on the Beach

  1. It’s always so gratifying to be able to sneak in a crafting session when you least expect it.

    Knitters have such a portable craft. It would be neat to snap pictures of knitting in public–especially in light of the recent Knitting in Public Day. Bet it would make a great book or blog.

  2. Yes, knitting is more portable than most crafts. I had wanted to bring my quilting to the beach, but I knew I would never get rid of all the sand.

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