A Painting Party

A lot of painting has taken place in the past few days.

Elly made several masterpieces over the weekend.

Her process was terribly messy. I was instructed to put a large glob of paint in the middle of the construction paper. Then, Elly dipped her hands into the paint, letting the excess ooze through her fingers. She swirled the paint all over the paper.

While waiting for me to change papers, she rubbed the paint into her hands like it was some colorful lotion.

It is no wonder that I have to replenish our washable paint supply every other month. Elly loves her paint.

Truly loves.

On Monday, I painted the 3rd wall in the living room. This time I used a roller and oh, boy, was it much faster. Up close you can tell that one wall was brushed on and one wall was rolled on, but if you are that close to my walls, you are likely a kid in time out. Nobody else is going to be studying my walls.

Only 1 wall left to paint before we finally get to rip up this carpet. I can’t hardly wait!

Yesterday, Elly painted an American flag with the Pottstown Moms Club.

I used artist tape to block out the stripes and star section as seen in this blog.

Perhaps we will take a break from painting these next few days. Or not since it seems to be raining yet again.


2 thoughts on “A Painting Party

  1. What are your techniques for keeping finger paint projects as clean and mess-free as possible? I’m sure it’s still messy no matter what you do, but ways to minimize it perhaps? ;)

    1. No techniques. I just throw down an old vinyl tablecloth, move the professionally upholstered chairs out of the way and let the kids go to town. Elly loves to paint herself as well as the table and the paper. It’s all good. When she was smaller, she would occasionally lick it. Thankfully, Crayola paint is non-toxic.

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