Why I Fell in Love with Gardening

This yard made me fall in love with gardening.

In Spring, our yard is filled with eye candy. Here in this picture only 3 dogwood trees are visible, but there is a total of 6 dogwood trees in our yard each one more beautiful than the other. There are more azalea bushes than I have fingers on my hands.

Millions of bulbs pop up every year from tulips to daffodils to crocuses to daylilies. The scent of the lilac bushes can be smelled before your eye locates them on the edge of the property.

Before moving into this house 8 years ago, I hated gardening. It seemed like such a fruitless activity. All that bending and digging and weeding felt like work. All I wanted was a glass of port and a huge ball of yarn instead, thank you very much.

Then, I saw the beauty that a garden can bring. Add in fresh tomatoes and I came crashing to my knees.

Yep, I could spend every waking hour in my garden. Elly has less dedication. There are swings to be ridden and ice cream to eat.

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