Beginnings of a Dresden Plate Quilt

I love to quilt, but I hate to cut the fabric all up only to have to piece it all back together again. Plus, I have learned that I hate being relegated to my sewing room. I would rather be hanging out with my daughter, husband and dog.

So, when I ran across Dresden plates already pieced together, I bought them.

The fabrics are kitschy and fun.

Yet, the center fabric looked boring. So, I removed it.

From my stash, I found some fabric labeled “River Qui” on it. Though it doesn’t necessarily match the transportation theme of the Dresden plate, it is still fun.


3 thoughts on “Beginnings of a Dresden Plate Quilt

  1. Like you, my least favorite part of sewing is cutting things up. Trying to have a zen attitude about the prep for sewing, I’ve started any number of diversions to make it go quicker. And, always, the Peter Murphy song “Cuts You Up” is in my mind. Good luck with this quilt. The pieces look great so far!

    1. Rather than cut more fabric for the quilt last night, I played cribbage with my husband. Hopefully, I can buckle down and cut the fabric out tonight. I’m glad I’m not the only one who hates cutting the fabric.

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