Crazy for Christmas

Last year, I bought my first Christmas gift in January. Not only have I done the same this year, but I have also started making stuff for Christmas.

Any guesses?

It’s an advent calendar that Elly can use. Made out of a metal Santa tray, bottle caps, magnets, stickers and a whole lot of E6000 glue, it’s virtually indestructible. Though I won’t hold my breath. Elly has been known to prove me wrong. In her defense though, we have ruined more toys than she has. Who knew that Barbie dolls broke if you stepped on them?

Our old felt Santa advent calendar had his candy cane removed, sucked on, and thrown on the ground. Any attempt to replace the candy cane with another object so that it could be moved from pocket to pocket was thwarted by Elly.

It is my hope that this year we can count down the days to Christmas together.


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