Sunday Snapshots (of Elly’s 3rd birthday party)

Elly woke up this morning and the first thing she said was “I am 3”.

Then, she spent the next 4 hours asking me if her friends were here yet.

As soon as her friends and family did start to arrive, Elly began to ask if she could open her presents and put candles on her cake. It was hard to wait.

Because Elly is my only child and because I love birthday cakes maybe even more than Elly does, I made her not only a birthday cake but also cupcakes in two sizes.

The cake was a yellow cake from Smitten Kitchen’s new cookbook. The icing was a melted chocolate yogurt concoction.

The cupcakes were chocolate zucchini cupcakes with purple cream cheese icing.

After cake came presents.

(alphabet nesting blocks)

After presents came more playtime with her friends and family.

Whacking her uncle in the head with a balloon is always good fun.

Happy Birthday, my sweet Elly!


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