Sunday Snapshots (of taking pictures)

I love to take pictures. I take pictures almost every day.

Elly is quite used to me carrying my camera bag with me everywhere. Often if we are headed out the door, she’ll hand it to me.

She is also quite used to me taking pictures of her. She doesn’t mind it a bit. Quite the contrary, she encourages me to take more pictures.

This picture was taken when we were visiting Target. As we were walking out of the store, Elly saw a mother taking a picture of her daughter who was sitting on one of the big red balls. You can see the young girl in the background posing for another picture. Naturally, Elly wanted me to help her climb up on the red ball and take her picture too.

The picture above was requested just yesterday morning after Elly laid all her babydolls on the couch and then curled up next to them under a pile of blankets. She was proud.

This next picture was requested because Elly thought she looked funny hanging upside down.

She was right.

Other times, Elly will be playing with her toys and then abruptly stop and announce that she needs to find her camera. Off she runs into her bedroom to get her camera and take a picture of her toys.

It’s so cute.


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