Dress Alterations

Over the weekend, I finished altering a dress for a friend.

I’ve altered dresses for myself many a time, but this was the first time I had altered a dress for a friend since a dear friend’s wedding 12 years ago.

As always, I talked over my sewing plans with my neighbor, who was a seamstress in her day. She convinced me to leave the excess fabric in the seam allowances just in case the dress needed to be altered again. Once trimmed, the fabric is gone forever. So, I left the extra fabric in the side seams, but still trimmed the shoulder strap, so it wouldn’t be too bulky.

It was fun to work on a dress without having to labor over it for 4 months and ignore my family for the last 2 weeks.

(Elly wanted in on the photo shoot).

Now to tackle the pile of jeans on my ironing board and the massive amount of fabric required for the curtains.


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