Not Quite Mrs Fix It

We have the best neighbors.

Not only did my neighbor allow me to borrow a hole saw from his collection of tools, he’s a retired handyman, but he also gave me several pointers on how to drill a hole correctly. He even drew me a diagram!

Armed with this knowledge and a hole saw, I drilled a hole slightly to the right of the original hole. I tried to go above or below like my neighbor suggested, but it was impossible to cover all the old holes and do that. The sawing of the hole went OK. Thankfully, the new doorknob covers most of my errors.

Then, we installed the doorknob.

Oh yes, Elly helped. I had to get a 2nd screwdriver and extra screws for her. She kept stealing the ones I needed for the new doorknob.

Dan came home and after telling me I was crazy to install a doorknob on a day I felt sick, he then ever so gently pointed out my error. Do you see it?

Yeah, the latch is backwards.

Dan had to reinstall the doorknob. Naturally, Elly supervised.

I blame the fever. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

PS. Elly and I are headed to Long Beach Island, NJ for a few days followed by a trip to family followed by a bridal shower. So, we’ll be busy. This blog will lie idle in the meantime. I’ll be back on Tuesday with lots of pictures.



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