Harvesting Onions

This is the 3rd year I have tried to grow onions.

Three times is a charm.

Not only did they grow well but I also didn’t lose a 1/3 of them in the drying process.

Here’s what I’ve learned about growing and harvesting onions.

Soil is important. I amended the soil with compost. I had done so before, but this year I increased the amount of compost twofold. It mattered. This is the largest they have ever grown.

Mulch is necessary. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. I used grass clippings. Yet, it helped retain the water that the soaker hose or Mother Nature delivered.

Air flow is essential in the drying process. The previous two times, I had laid the onions out on our front porch. They got a lot of sun thanks to the southern exposure, but there is very little airflow due to brick wall. This year, I laid them in the garden for a few days before transferring them to the chaise lounge.

Total onions lost in the drying process: 1. It was eaten by a bug.

Now to make my favorite onion dish, onion tart.


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