Plan B abandoned

Piling fabric up on bookcase shelves is not a good idea. It’s hard to get the piece of fabric out from the middle of the stack without toppling the whole stack over. Besides, I couldn’t find the dark finish I wanted in the price range I was willing to pay.

Enter plan c.

Shuffling is still required. The books are being relocated to the end of the bed so the long wall can be dedicated to fabric storage and sewing notions.
The china cabinet remains too small for my needs. I have found what seems like the perfect fabric storage solution: cubes. Originally, these cubes were intended for closet storage so they should be great at storing fabric. Fabric is nothing more than unsewn clothes.

The best part about the cubes is that I can expand the storage by stacking more cubes on top when I run out of room, which of course will happen all too soon.

And no, that is not the new fabric. I am sticking to my rule of no new fabric until the rag quilt was finished. All this fabric came out of the china cabinet. A lot will likely have to go back in, but I am trying to put like fabrics together. The top left cube is material waiting to be sewn into aprons. First up is an apron just for me.

I am currently using the old Kenmore sewing machine because of Elly’s curiosity. My new sewing machine has WAY too many buttons for a little girl to press and cause trouble with. On the Kenmore, she can press the backward button as much as she likes and not cause any broken needles or frustration.


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