Accepting My Limitations

When I first sarted publishing my knitting designs, I strived to do everything myself. I sketched my design, ran the numbers, knit the sample twice, wrote the pattern, edited the pattern, took pictures of the sample, wrote marketing material, and promoted my design. I learned a lot. Over the years in an effort to focus on what I do best, such as coming up with new designs and writing patterns, I have learned to parcel out the tasks that I do not have a calling for. I now have a wonderful tech editor that I trust to fine-tune my patterns and catch any gross errors. This year, I finally admitted to myself that I will never produce professional quality photos. Below are my attempts to take photos of the baseball blanket.

I am actually proud of this photo but it focuses on Elly more than the blanket.

Now compare my photos with the ones taken by Nihart Photography.

I love this one with Elly in it. I plan to enlarge it and hang it in our living room.

Yes, I think all my future designs will be photographed by Nihart.

3 Months Later

Has it really been that long since I’ve blogged?

I wish I could dazzle you with the pile of knitting I completed while AWOL but I can’t. It’s looking like this blanket is going to take me several years to complete.

I did complete several sewing projects in time for Christmas though. None of which I can show you since family members read this blog. Pictures and pattern reviews will have to wait until after Christmas.

Elly and I made ugly Christmas ornaments to deck the tree with from my stash of roving.

My attempt to wrap the felted balls with bits of hand-dyed wool failed miserably. The colorful wool just fell off in the dryer.

So ugly brown ornaments will be hanging on our tree for years to come. Woo.