Toy Envy

Last Saturday, we attended a birthday party for Penny, who was turning 2. Elly had a wonderful time being around so many kids her age, yammering to anybody who would listen, and playing with Penny’s toys. She particularly liked Penny’s toy laptop and her water table.

Although Elly still has an “out of sight – out of mind” mentality at her age, her Mommy does not. Heck, I was just as amazed as Elly was with Penny’s water table. I had to buy one!

As soon as it arrived, I put it together, threw Elly into her new bathing suit, and invited our neighbor Irene over. Both Elly and Irene had a great time playing with the water table.

Even Jake approved; it’s the perfect height for lapping up a drink of water.

2 thoughts on “Toy Envy

  1. There are so many cute things about the last picture! Especially, Elly in her bathing suit and Jake in the background! I may have to get Roman a water table. Looks like fun!

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