Keeping Elly Busy

On Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays, Elly and I take Jake for a walk.

On Tuesdays, we play in the garden until about 9am. Then, we pack up and head to the playground and the Splash Park.

On Thursdays, we visit the Farmer’s Market where we pick up a week’s worth of fruits and veggies along with lunch for the day.

During the week, we visit our neighbors.

Though I do a pretty good job of keeping her busy, I often wish Elly, who is a social butterfly, had more occasions to meet other kids her age. Often when I take her to the playground, nobody is there.

Where do the other Moms in town take their kids?

I haven’t tried the mall. Maybe they are all at the mall. Pity it’s such a long bike ride away.


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