Homemade Bread for Breakfast

I hope you have enjoyed my Homemade Bread for Breakfast series. Dan and I have loved the results, so it is my intention to continue the series.

To expand my collection of bread recipes and to further my knowledge of how to make tasty breads, I bought the following book: Baking Artisan Pastries and Breads: Sweet and Savory Baking for Breakfast, Brunch, and Beyond.

The first recipe I tried my hand at was Orange Cranberry Scones.

Despite an incredible desire to alter the ingredients, I followed the recipe and accompanying instructions to the letter. Although the scones were fun to make thanks mostly to the rubbing technique (I might just retire my pastry blender after all),I felt that they weren’t rich enough. Scones should be made with heavy cream rather than the buttermilk or yogurt recommended; the whole point is that they are just a richer version of a muffin.

If you are wondering why I put sprinkles on my scones, it’s because I didn’t have any course sugar. I used what I had on hand: colored sugar. Dan thought it was “adorable” that I put jimmies on our scones. Silly man.


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