Quilt for Elly from a Neighbor

Like most crafts, this cross-stitch quilt has a story.

My neighbor’s mother had started it with the intention of gifting it to her 1st great-grandchild. Unfortunately, she passed away before any great-grandchildren were born. Despite not being the crafty sort, my neighbor held onto it. Eventually, she gave it to her daughter-in-law with the hope that it would be completed and placed in her daughter’s room. Unfortunately, the daughter-in-law wasn’t able to dedicate the time necessary to finish such a large and detailed project. Rather than let it languish in a drawer for years, she returned it to my neighbor.
Last week, my neighbor gave it to me in the hopes that I will complete it and place it in Elly’s room.

I look forward to working on it during the upcoming quilting season. The dog days of summer are my quilting season because it is too hot to garden or to knit.

Though I will probably tackle the project included with the quilt, a table runner.

It has been years since I have cross-stitched. I could use some practice.


2 thoughts on “Quilt for Elly from a Neighbor

  1. I’ve also been given a partially completed “I see the moon” quilt. I wasn’t given the pattern, though, and I was looking for a picture of the quilt or the pattern online so I could finish this. If anyone has a picture which would help, I’d love to see it! Here’s my email: b_cornflake@hotmail.com
    Thanks, Barb

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