Elly’s New Shoes

On Saturday, I took Elly shoe shopping for the first time.

I learned that my neighbor’s advice was right on the money: Payless Shoes has an excellent selection of kids shoes.

The first shoe I picked out for Elly to try on gave me a good idea of what not to get. She fussed over the snugness of the shoe. It was clear why when I took them back off; the straps had left red marks.

I needed a shoe that wasn’t too tight width-wise. Elly still has her baby fat on her feet … and elsewhere. Her feet are so fat they look swollen. ha!

I ended up buying her sandals in size 6-wide. The best thing about them is that I can just drop her foot into the sandal and then strap her in. The section over her toes is held together with velcro. Velcro is also used in the strap around her ankle. It’s so easy to put them on her. Plus they provide her a bit more protection than the moccasins she was wearing without slowing her down. I couldn’t be happier.

Elly seems pleased too. It’s like having toys on your feet. Who doesn’t love playing with velcro? Thankfully, she hasn’t figured out how to undo the ankle strap, but I’m sure it’s just a matter of time.


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