Storing Baby Clothes

Elly is 14 months old. Despite promises from family, friends and even her pediatrician, she hasn’t thinned out or slowed down her growth. She remains tall for her age and adorably chubby.

Recently, I had to pack away all of her clothes labeled 24 months or smaller. Sizes 3T-4T fit her best now.

Though I typically store our off-season clothes along with Elly’s baby clothes from newborn to 12 months in plastic bins, Dan requested that I not store any more of her clothes that way. The bin was a bear to get up the narrow attic stairs. Dan suggested that I simply store them in trash bags.

The thought of black, unlabeled trash bags storing clothes made me twitch. Trash bags are for trash – not for storing outgrown clothes that will one day be handed down and most certainly not for organizing. Unwilling to take a stance on something trivial, I searched for a compromise and found these bags.

I love them!

I can see the contents at a glance. Additionally, I can write notes on the bag, such as the recommended age of the clothes.

Though Dan thought my objection of the trash bags was silly, he too was impressed with my find.


One thought on “Storing Baby Clothes

  1. Those bags are great! I use them to store my extra linens underneath our bed. Elly’s so cute. I’m totally jealous of her chub though. Roman is super slender like his dad. There’s very little for me to pinch! :-(

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