Cloth Diapers Become a Reality

They arrived.

Despite loving the convenience of an AIO (all-in-1 diaper) or a pocket diaper, I chose neither. My decision was based on Elly’s size. The AIO and pocket diapers I found either only went up to 35 pounds (keep in mind that Elly is already 30 pounds and not slowing down) or had reviews stating that they were snug fitting on chunky babies. I didn’t want to spend a bunch of money only to find myself with the same problem a few months later: Elly outgrowing her diapers.

So I went with the old-fashioned method: prefold cloths.

There is room for growth. However, the large diaper covers are already snug on her, so I am taking Katia and Throws-Like-a-Girl’s advice.

I will knit Elly a drawer full of wool soakers. Finally, I found a project to use the gorgeous handspun wool that my MIL gifted to me. It’s so soft, perfect for touching Elly’s bare skin.

Thankfully, the pants I recently made for Elly fit over her puffy cloth diapers.

Full review of the pattern used to make the pants can be found on my sister blog.


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