Christmas has Begun

It’s still 4 days before Christmas, but Elly has already opened 2 presents. Her honorary Aunt Arecia and Uncle Mike visited us over the weekend. They got her 2 Leap Frog toys: 1 representing each parent.

Elly got a cooking set and a drum.

Can you guess which toy goes with which parent? Here’s a hint; Dan isn’t allowed in my kichen except to pour beer, make coffee and carve birds.

Here’s hoping your Christmas is filled with sugar and spice and everything nice – just like our little girl!

3 thoughts on “Christmas has Begun

    1. You’re right, Brenda. I did knit the sweater that Elly is wearing … several years ago. I actually made it for my nephew, who is now 7 years old. I don’t recall any of the stats though. I have no idea what pattern it was, where I got the yarn, what size it is, etc.

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