A New Look

Baby boot camp is over. I’m fed up with the I-stayed-up-all-night-with-a-baby-look. Just because Elly won’t win any sleeping awards doesn’t mean I need to keep looking like a semi just mowed me down.

Though I’m a bit early, I’ve already made a New Year’s resolution: To add a little spit-shine to my appearance.

No more wearing clothes that don’t fit. No more keeping too-small clothes in the hope that I will lose weight, especially since I hate dieting. So last week, I donated 3 garbage bags of clothes.

No more ponytails unless I’m exercising. My latest hair dresser recently moved to Reading. Rather than try somebody new, I went with someone I knew and trusted. I tracked down the first hair dresser I met in Pottstown. I found Lisa at Lords and Ladies in Douglassville. It felt like she cut years off rather than just inches.

No more wearing exercise pants all day long. Now I’m not talking about those spandex pants. Pigs will fly before I wear spandex. No, I’m talking about those comfy pants with wide elastic waists. This is going to be the hardest goal to meet. I love wearing my exercise outfits. They are so comfortable – almost as comfy as my jammies.


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