Apples and Pumpkins

We live in a world where you can buy just about any fruit or vegetable all year round. It’s no longer necessary to know when certain produce is locally being harvested.

Although I try to be cognizant of what produce is on sale, I live like most people – unconcerned if something is out of season.

There are a few exceptions: fresh blueberries, fresh tomatoes, apples and pumpkins. I only buy fresh blueberries when they are being harvested in NJ. Price is a major factor as is taste. Fresh tomatoes are easier to explain; that’s what my garden is for.

Though you won’t find pumpkins in my garden (they hog up too much space), I only buy them in October. The selection can’t be beaten. No other time will you find such a variety. And after making fresh pumpkin puree a few years ago from butternut squash – not pumpkin -, I can’t bring myself to buy the canned stuff. It just doesn’t hold a candle to fresh puree. Besides, there is no need to buy canned puree. I typically have enough fresh puree left over to freeze several containers of it.

So why don’t I eat apples any other month besides October? It doesn’t make any sense, I suppose. Neither selection or price is an issue. Maybe it’s because I overdose on the fruit, cooking and baking it into every possible dinner and dessert. By the end of the month, I don’t want to look at another apple for a very long time.

Because of my silly produce “rules”, Elly finally got to taste her 1st apple this weekend. She was thrilled with the experience.


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