First Impression of my Babylock

I picked up my new sewing machine from Pottstown Sewing & Crafts over two weeks ago. It’s a Babylock Decorator’s Choice.

Due to Elly demanding most of my time, Saturday was the first time I got to spend some quality time with it. My initial attempts to thread the machine and to sew a simple quilt did not leave me with buyer’s remorse. I felt just the opposite. It made appliqueing the ‘F’ blocks and piecing the blocks together so easy.

I might actually quilt more!

This new machine can sew circles around my old girl. With 174 stitches, it is a source of inspiration. Some of the standard features, such as foot-free sewing, stopping with the needle down, auto threader, easy bobbin assembly and more, made me wonder why I waited so long. Sewing is such a joy on this Babylock.

Already I have a list a mile long of projects I want to tackle on it. Not one has me filled with dread and worry over how my machine will handle it. I am confident in my sewing machine once again, a feeling I haven’t known in many years. Too often in the past, I had opted to perform a sewing technique by hand rather than fight with the sewing machine. Now the sky is the limit to what I can do.

Because a post cannot be complete without a picture of little Elly, here you go.


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