Nancy’s Gift and More

Dan finished working on the hardwood floor, so I can finally show you the amazing gift Elizabeth received from Nancy.

An embroidered pillow!

Isn’t is beautiful? I just love how the little girl has red hair and how the little boy has blond hair. Once upon a time, Dan had blond hair too. Now, he’s going for the distinguished look with his salt and pepper hair.

The pillow looks perfect on the rocking chair we plan to use in Elizabeth’s room.

You can read about Nancy’s process in making this pillow on her blog here.

Pardon the tag left on the rug, I’m still deciding if we want to keep this rug or buy a much larger area rug. Dan is done deciding; he loves the new rug. Yet, I think it’s impractical. Obviously, Elly will need a larger area to crawl around on.

The curtains are working out much better. I’m pleased as punch with how the 1st panel came out.

Usually, I list the stats on the pattern, but there are none for this curtain. I designed these curtains myself because I was unwilling to compromise on the length of them. You see, I love curtains that hang all the way to the floor. They have a sense of elegance and homeyness to them. Just my luck, we live in a house where I can’t have curtains that hang to the floor, since every window except 3 have radiators underneath them.

I can be stubborn when I want to be though. Elizabeth was going to have full-length curtains in her room so help me.

This design was my compromise: full-length curtains that can be folded up and buttoned when they needed to be closed over the radiators.

Since I still have the other panel to sew up, I will attempt to write-up a tutorial should anybody else have my desire/determination to hang full-length curtains on windows that sit overtop a radiator.

This is a post from Knitted Gem’s blog, authored by Marie Haigh.


4 thoughts on “Nancy’s Gift and More

  1. Thanks so much for the picture of the pillow. It has taken me a week to get to your blog, so obviously this is a bit belated! The rug is great, the curtains are the final touch, and your drawers look so organized. I am excited to meet Elly! Thanks for the feature…nancy

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