Not a Match

I crossed my fingers and went with my gut instinct.


It didn’t work out. Clearly the mohair yarn is not from the Tapis colorway. Tamsie was right; Tapis is too dark.

Yet I can’t find another colorway in the entire Parisienne color chart that matches better. Heck I’ve even dug through the entire Ravelry database of all stashed Parisienne yarns and haven’t come up with a match. It occurred to me that the color has been discontinued, but I can’t seem to locate a list of Collinette’s discontinued colors. Google failed me. In the fine print, Colinette does mention that all their yarns are hand-dyed and thus no two skeins are the same. Perhaps that is my problem.

So, it’s back to plan B. Basically I’m going to knit every last inch of yarn that I have available and just hope that the shawl turns out big enough to wrap baby Elizabeth in. Then, I’ll knit a ‘Mommy-sized’ shawl to match.

Surprisingly, I’m not upset about my yarn shortage issues anymore. Watching the Phillies become the National League championships last night cured me of any sadness. We’re off to the World Series for the 2nd year in a row! I still can’t believe it. Nobody pinch me please.

4 thoughts on “Not a Match

  1. I’m so sorry!! But as knitting and life teaches us, we have to “go with it” and it’s a good story, I’m sure she will laugh at.

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