Running out of Yarn Again

Why do I always get myself into these situations? You would think that I would learn. But noooo. I have once again knit myself into a corner.

According to my original design (partially stolen from EZ’s Pi Shawl pattern), I’m supposed to knit 78 more rows in the mohair. Ha! There is no way that is going to happen. Do you see how much mohair yarn is leftover?

Not a lot. So, what’s a girl to do?

There is the obvious answer; I could rip it all out and start over with an adequate yarn supply. Just the thought of this option makes me light headed and nauseated. There has to be another way. Oh, please.

Option B: Knit with the mohair for hopefully 6 more rows so the length matches the previous mohair section. Then, switch back to the red merino yarn and add another lace section. The only problem with this option is that I’m not sure how far my merino skein will stretch. It too is down to half a skein. I really got myself into a fix, didn’t I? giggle and moan.

Option C: Settle for a really small shawl – something only a baby could wear. This seems absurd. I did not spend all this time knitting the shawl so it can be used once or twice while Elly is too young to appreciate it.

Option D: Incorporate a new color into the shawl. I’m worried that this would look odd, since I would be introducing the new color when the shawl is more than halfway finished.

Option E: Explain to Elly when she is older how it is the thought that counts.

I think I’m going to go cry now.

On a happier note, I reached a new milestone in my bump growth. Dan’s clothes now fit. Here I was thinking that I would need to go buy a maternity sweater or two for the upcoming cold weather.

I think this will do just fine.

This is a post from Knitted Gem’s blog, authored by Marie Haigh.


15 thoughts on “Running out of Yarn Again

  1. Awh, your looking so pretty! That bump really does something for ya, ya know? So sorry to hear about the shawl problem, is the yarn something you can’t get more of??

    1. Thank you, June!
      I must admit that having this huge bump is fun.
      Regarding the mohair yarn, I’m not even sure what it is. I *think* it’s Colinette Parisienne in color Tapis. It was yarn I won off of Vicki’s blog (Knitting Dragonflies). I’ll verify my yarn guess with Vicki, but I have no hope of matching lot numbers since the yarn arrived without a label.
      I just assumed I would have enough of the mohair if I paired it with another yarn. It looked so pretty with the merino that I foolishly cast on without running the numbers.

  2. I think that if you could get more of the mohair, even if it was a different dye lot, it wouldn’t look bad with merino in between. Or just finish what you have of the mohair and then do the rest with the merino. And I’d put it on a lifeline right now and spray it with some water and semi-block it to see how big it actually is. I bet it’s bigger than you think.

  3. Ugh, that always happens to me, too! I’m terrible at estimating how much yarn I’ll need for a project. I would try to get more mohair from another dye lot (if possible) – even if it’s a little off, it seems like it would be the least stressful answer for you.

    The bump is looking great! Little Elizabeth is really growing in there!

  4. Thank you to all who recommended that I just purchase another skein of the Parisienne. I have taken your advice. Fingers are crossed that this will save the shawl (and my sanity)!

  5. I think if you give it to Elly you can appreciate it even if Elly is to little and then just do it again for your next little girl.
    On another note, how ’bout them Phillies? We still have our Philly hat. I guess my husband should start wearing it!

  6. You and your little bump are so cute! OOO the shawl is breaking my heart. I had lost the label on the yarn. Let me look in my stash boxes it see if I can find it. I am pretty sure it Kidsilk haze spray. I know I ordered it on the internet and It looked purple in the photo.
    Going now to search

  7. OK I’m back, your readers are very yarn savvy. I couldn’t find that label. But do have another skein in a different color that I made a scarf out of Parisienne Luxury Kid Mohair, 25 gm, 225 meters, 70% kid mohair, 30% polyamide. Hope the skein you bought will work out.

    1. Thank you, Vicki!
      I appreciate you checking for me and helping me in my time of crisis. lol.

      I’m thrilled that we guessed right. Here’s hoping I picked the right colorway. I’ll know in a few days when it arrives.

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