Bibs for Baby

I finished another project for the wee one.

5 reversible bibs to catch the spit-ups (or at least make a valiant effort to)

Pattern: Baby Ella Bib
Designer: Romeo & Mae on Etsy formerly known as Lil Peas & Carrots
Alterations: I opted to use snaps instead of the Velcro. Plus, I took the extra time to slip-stitch the opening closed (the opening that was used to turn the bib right side out).
Fabrics: Mix of 100% cotton fabrics that were leftover from previous projects and denim from a pair of jeans that no longer fit

The reverse side of the bibs:

OK. Now that I’ve gotten my sewing fix, I’m going to stop procrastinating and go tackle the nursery. Honest!


7 thoughts on “Bibs for Baby

  1. Those are just too cute! You need about 4 or 5 more now. . . plus a splat mat for the floor, if he/she is anything like mine were! :)

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