Credits for O Tannenbaum Skirt

I have never posted credits for any of my patterns, but this pattern warrants it.

From Christmas Tree Skirt

Over a year of my life was spent on it. Many people were involved in the making of it.

Yarn dyed in August 2007
Yarn Spun August through September 2007
Cast on for Christmas Tree Skirt in October 2007
Completed knitting Tree Skirt in July 2008 while on my road trip to Talbott, TN
Completed decorating Tree Skirt in August 2008
Technical edits completed in September 2008
Pattern published on my website and Ravelry September 26th
Pattern will be published on other sites later this week

First, I would like to thank Brenda of Naturally Spun. Her Christmas Sparkle yarn inspired me.

From Christmas Tree Skirt

I took one look at her hand-dyed, handspun yarn and knew it would make a gorgeous Christmas tree skirt. Yet, if I had not “met” Brenda in Indiepublic, her yarn might have sat in my Etsy Favorites for forever.
She had marked me as a “friend” in the Indiepublic community. In response, I sent a quick convo thanking her and confessing my adoration of her Christmas yarn line. Those two small acts became the basis of a wonderful working relationship.
Brenda spun the yarn in the weight I required, in the yardage needed and remained patient as I debated back and forth over what color of glitz and thread I wanted plyed with/into the yarn. Periodically during the knitting process, she would stop by my blog and leave encouraging remarks in the comment section. Thank you, Brenda!

My thanks also go to the following people:
-To Ada (Ravelry ID: AdaKnits) who tech edited the pattern for me. She did a tremendous job! I already have her hard at work on another pattern of mine.
To you, dear blog readers, who encouraged me to keep knitting when I was starting to go cross-eyed from all the white ties.
To Jake for supervising all the photo shoots, except the last one. He was dismissed from his duty after walking across the skirt and then trying to sit on top of it.
To Dan for his love and support
To my Aunt for gifting Grandpa’s jacket to me. The green stars decorating the skirt were made from the felted jacket.
To my MIL for starting my button collection many years ago.
And to EZ, Elizabeth Zimmerman, for popularizing the i-cord, which just happens to be my favorite embellishment trick in knitting.

Thank you! I couldn’t have done it without you.

From Christmas Tree Skirt

8 thoughts on “Credits for O Tannenbaum Skirt

  1. It’s more beautiful that I could have thought! Seeing the pieces by themselves I knew it would be lovely, but couldn’t envision how it would look all put together and with the embellishments.

    I know it will be a classic!

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