My Wonderful MIL and an Award

I had just started writing this post up on Friday of last week when my internet connection died. Comcast stopped by this morning to fix everything. It took them close to an hour, but the deed is done. I am ALIVE once again! Woo.

Now, I can finally tell you about the fantastic package my MIL sent to me for my birthday. She apologized for it being late … but when you see what she got me, you’ll see why I didn’t care one iota that it was late. I was just so happy to have received such an amazing present. Really, everybody should have a MIL like mine.

My MIL made both the card and the purse. The card is stamped and then hand-colored. The purse was knitted and felted. You can’t see, because I took a lousy picture of it, but it has really long straps. It’ll be a great purse for going bike riding with.

Next in the package was a pattern book … for aprons!

You see, my MIL reads my blog. She found this book the day after I wrote the post about loving aprons and joining the apron swap. I’ve already picked out my favorite pattern and hope to sew it up soon.

Speaking of my MIL reading my blog, Dan will complain to me sometimes that he can’t tell his mother anything new and interesting about our lives; she knows everything already from my blog. Of course, I just laugh at him.

The best part about the package was the llama fleece.

From Spinning

Oh my gosh, it’s so SOFT. It’s even softer than the alpaca that I have. Wow.
It also has an unusually long staple – compared to the alpaca and romney that I am currently spinning.

From Spinning

Thank you so much, Mom (and Tim too)!

About that award I mentioned in the title, well, Susan from KnittingAlone bestowed a Brilliant Blog Award unto me.

I’m so honored. Thank you!

Since I read so many blogs and it is difficult to just choose 7 blogs to pass this award onto, I will follow in Susan’s footsteps. I will tag the 7 bloggers who recently commented on my blog. In no particular order:

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