Knitting it Again

My last Ode to Quilting block:

It looks an awful lot like Jake, doesn’t it? Well, I thought I could fool you with his cuteness. It always works on me.

I made a stupid error while knitting the last block and didn’t notice it until I was piecing everything together. So, now I have to knit it over again. Since I wanted the block to be a surprise, I’m not even showing you a picture of my mistake. I’ll let you see Monday of next week what I did wrong. Dan noticed my error right away. I didn’t notice it until I had worked on it for over 2 days. I think I had my “I’m almost Finished” glasses on. They never see any errors.

Since Jake is now my Guest of Honor on the blog today, let me share with you his new trick that he learned. The past two times that Dan and I have poured ourselves a beer after dinner, I gave Jake a treat, thinking we’ll all have a treat. Yesterday, when we were pouring beers, Jake sat right in front of my feet, tail wagging, waiting for his treat. I laughed, patted him on the head and promptly went and got him his treat. Does that mean I trained him or he has trained me?


6 thoughts on “Knitting it Again

  1. Ha ha, he’s just letting you think you’re in charge but really we know the truth! He’s so cute it’s practically criminal – love the picture!

  2. Jake is so adorable, it worked on me!! I really thought for sure you were going to say you were making a quilt like the pattern of the floor under him! LOL, that was my first thought.

    Um.. I think he’s got YOU trained! So cute, how could you resist!

  3. That’s a cute smile all right. My favorite is the picture on the blog main page that looks like he’s smoking a cigar! I would have to say that he has just adjusted to a better quality of life.

  4. Have you read Watchers by Dean Koontz? If not, get a copy. Trust me, you’ll absolutely love it. Golden Retriever!

  5. Ahhh, The Almost Finished Glasses…..I’m all too familiar with them.
    Jake is such a cutie, and apparently a smart one at that. Maybe it was a mutual training. =)

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