New Chart for Christmas Tree Skirt

While knitting up the sample of the white ties in the Christmas tree skirt, I realized that my original chart was not going to work. I could not stretch the tree branches out as far as I wanted to and still decrease every 4th row as was needed in order to match the other ties knit in the Naturally Spun yarn. Thus, I spent the last two days reconfiguring the layout of the tree.

Behold, the new Christmas tree chart.

The tree branches will be made with K1F’s (hold 1 stitch forward on cn, K1, K stitch from cn) and K1B’s (hold 1 stitch back on cn, K1, K stitch from cn). The trunk consists of 3 stitches that are knit in stocking stich. All other stitches are knit in reverse stocking stitch. (cn = cable needle)

I hope to post a picture soon of the newly designed, white wool tie.


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