1 Block Done and 1 Binding Ripped Out

In quilting, I’m sure that equates to 1 step forward and 2 steps back.

As I prefer to keep my glass half full, here are pictures of the completed dragon block.

This was my first attempt to hand quilt. I was worried that the stitches would look awful and that the I wouldn’t get the same puffiness as I do with the machine. The stitches do look awful and because they are not as small as the machine ones, I wasn’t able to achieve the same level of puffiness. Yet, I LOVE to hand quilt. It is relaxing and instantly gratifying. I am thrilled with my first attempt at it. I have started to establish a rhythm and already my stitches are becoming smaller and more uniform. So, hopefully, the second block will look better.

For my 2 steps back, I ripped out the binding and the hanging sleeve from the chili pepper quilt.

I just couldn’t make the store-bought binding work the way I had stitched it on. Next time, I’ll know the correct way to attach it. Currently, I am building up the patience it will require to reattach the binding. I just can’t bring myself to do it yet.

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