Vase Cozy to Hide the Lack of Flowers

It took 2 tries, but I finally got it right.

A Vase Cozy
when flowers just aren’t enough

The trick is to make the cozy a little bit longer than you actually want it. The extra length will be used up in the curves of the vase.

Right now, I am working on writing up the accompanying pattern. I have the pattern completed if you wanted to knit it the way I did: on straight needles. But, I’m a rare one and prefer to seam rather than knit on double pointed needles. Most people would sell their pets or significant others or whatever else is nearby and handy before volunteering to seam anything. So, I want to include instructions to knit in the round so they can keep their husbands/wives and pets nearby. The goal is to finish it tonight and post it tomorrow morning. Otherwise, it won’t get posted until Monday because I am going on vacation!

I haven’t taken a vacation since … well … I’m not sure. I just checked my pda. Last year, June 18th through the 24th, my sister and her 2 kids visited. We haven’t been on vacation since. This will be my first time away from Jake (4-year-old golden retriever). Thankfully, we found a wonderful pet sitter in the area. She is going to spoil him rotten; I just know it!

So, where are we going? Cooperstown, NY! Upon arriving, we will stop by the Baseball Hall of Fame. It’s a must-see! On Saturday, we are attending a brewfest. And not just any brewfest, but the premier Belgium-style brewfest hosted by Ommegang. It is the best Belgium-style brewfest in the States. Last year, the ladies were not invited, since the gents attended in honor of a Bachelor party. This year, we’re coming. There will be no running around the campfire with the shirts off this year. Poor boys. I don’t know how they are going to make it through.

I will be away from Friday, July 20th through Sunday, July 22nd. I will return with pictures galore!


One thought on “Vase Cozy to Hide the Lack of Flowers

  1. That vase cozy is so cute! I never would have thought to cozy a vase, but I really like how that turned out.

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