Progress Made on List of KIPs

My Current List of KIPs (Knits in Progress):
  1. Alpaca Shawl
  2. Purse for CAL-KAL
  3. 6th Block in Ode to Quilting afghan
  4. Mystery project submitted to Knitter’s magazine
  5. EtsyFAST’s July Challenge

Guess which one I worked on over the weekend.

None of the above.

Instead, I started a new project!

I couldn’t resist the new yarn I got in my Stitch n Pitch grab bag. The Frizzato yarn looked so lovely and so lonely sitting in the basket next to my knitting chair. It whispered in my ear that it wanted to be made into a scarf. I listed all the projects I had to finish, but it didn’t care, persisting that it had to be knit into a scarf now … in the middle of summer. I caved to its sweet talking.

I am glad that I did. Frizzato was right. It does look good as a scarf. You see it here paired up with Reynold’s Blossom yarn in white.

It wasn’t my intention to give it a patriotic flair. It just turned out that way. But, it seems right with July 4th right around the corner.


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