Alpacas at White Horse Farm Shawl Idea #1

Remember how excited I was about the Barbie shawl? The Barbie shawl was going to be knit up into an adult version, right?

Wrong. It’s been frogged. It was miserable to knit. It was difficult to keep track of where I was. I couldn’t imagine trying to write a pattern for it. The chart would have been hundreds of lines long with changes on every line. So I made an executive decision and into the frog pile it went.

Onto hopefully better ideas.

Here are pictures of my latest shawl design. This will not end up in the frog pile for complexity, that’s for sure. It may find its way there for a million other reasons, but not that.

Pros of this shawl:

  • Easy pattern: only 2 stitch patterns to learn
  • Repeating pattern: just add more ‘v’ sections as the shawl gets wider
  • Quick to knit
  • Simple, yet elegant: can go from the office to the local tavern
  • Uses beads

Cons of this shawl:

  • Design may be too easy, which in effect may render it boring
  • Not your typical, fancy shawl … again, the word boring comes to mind
  • Uses beads (some people aren’t comfortable using beads in their knitting)

So what is the verdict?

Off to the frog pile or into my list of KIP (Knits in Progress)s?

What do you think? Constructive criticism wanted!


One thought on “Alpacas at White Horse Farm Shawl Idea #1

  1. I think it’s cute! I’m a big fan of the not-too-fancy shawls, they’re perfect for putting on over my jean jacket in the fall.

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