EtsyFAST June Challenge

EtsyFAST challenged all its members to create a fiber ACEO.

My first attempt at taking this challenge was not a complete success. The yarn I grabbed from my stash blended a tad too well together. Thus, it is difficult to see with three purple, nesting diamonds I knit into the green background. I used the Intarsia method to create the ACEO.

Next, I will use either a weaving technique or a double knitting technique. I might try both and see which comes out better. I am excited to try again despite this first defeat. My plan it to keep the diamond pattern the same (or as similar as possible).

More knitting news to come later today.

If you are checking in to see the next block in the “Ode to Quilting” afghan, it won’t be available until later this week. But to wet your whistle, the block is titled “Angled Nesting Squares”.

Thank you for stopping by.

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