Web Rings & a new craft website

As you know, I am a proud member of Etsy FAST (Fiber Artist Street Team). We now have a web ring, thanks to the hard work of Lissa of Fiber Diversions. The web ring is a list of the blogs maintained by Etsy FAST members. You’ll find me on the ring along with many other talented artists. Please come and check it out.

As I was trolling through Etsy’s forum earlier this week, I found a link mentioning that the Etsy Sellers Who Blog web ring was back in action. The V2 version is being steered by Lis Kidder. For more information about joining, please read the accompanying blog or the web ring info.

Lastly, I am excited to tell you about a new website, The Art of Craft. It is a website dedicated to bringing you quality arts and crafts on the internet. They pride themselves with prescreening all the shops and sites listed on their website. You’ll find me on the “Shops I” page. In addition to the new website, they have an accompanying blog that features an artist each week.

Enjoy browsing these sites!

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