9-Patch Block Finished

The 9-patch block in all its finished glory:

As promised, following are the finishing instructions for the 9-patch block.

First, lay the squares out as you would like them to be in the final block. Then, pick up the 3 squares that make up the first row. Pin the sides together (I recommend using safety pins as they allow the items to lay flat while keeping them securely in place). Once pinned, your row will look like the pic below.

Then, seam up the sides using a mattress stitch, taking the pins out as you come to them. (For a reminder on how to execute the mattress seam, go to http://www.learn2knit.co.uk/knitting/joining.php). Do not be concerned about which color of yarn you use to seam up the sides with. As Elizabeth Zimmerman would say, “Flip a coin. It’s the only way.” Once you have both sides seamed, set Row 1 aside.

Repeat these instructions for both rows 2 and 3.

Next, pick up Row 1 and 2. Pin the long sides together being careful to align the seams. Once pinned, your block will look similar to the pic below.

Then, seam the rows together, taking the pins out as you come to them. In this case, you may want to use Color A as your seaming yarn, since the majority of the blocks are in this color.

Once completed, pick up Row 3 and pin it to the bottom of the half-completed block. Do take the extra time to match up the seams. Then, seam the rows together.

Weave in any loose strands of yarn.

Block lightly to measurements. The block should measure slightly larger than a 12 inch square (due to the added selvage stitches and bind off rows).

Set block aside with the St. Louis block.

The next block in the “Ode to Quilting” afghan will be posted Monday, May 21st.

Thank you for keeping up with the series. I truly have enjoyed creating each block!


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