Memory Board

Long have I wanted a memory board to hang Elly’s craft projects on. But all the ones I saw at a store or even at my best friend’s house were so small. At best, they could hold 5 crafts. Elly makes 5 crafts in a day. I would need to buy several memory boards to hold a weeks worth of artwork.

So, instead I made a gigantic memory board.

It measures 2.5 feet by 4.5 feet.

Not only is it big enough to hold all the artwork Elly can crank out, it should hold all our Christmas cards saving me from the white trash approach of taping them to a door with masking tape. You know, the approach I went with last year.

I made the memory board out of a plywood board which oddly enough came with the house, home decorator fabric, batting, duct tape and push pins. The push pins were a beast to push into the plywood and after so many curse words were muttered, I went in search of my glue gun. Tacking the ribbon down was a breeze with the gun.

It took me a few days to convince Elly to add any of her artwork to the memory board. Artwork is supposed to hang on the refrigerator.


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