Thank You eBay

For 8 years, shop lights sat in my basement unused. They had belonged to the previous owners but were taken down when we bought the house because they did not meet the current code laws.

At first, Dan was going to give them to a friend. Yet, the friend ended up buying a new set of shop lights for his garage. Still Dan kept our shop lights because shop lights aren’t cheap and surely someone someday could use them. Gah! I put up with this nonsensical logic until the day I started the 31-day organizational challenge. Then, I took aim at those lights.

I wanted them gone. Dan was still unwilling to just throw them out or even donate them. Finally, I came up with a compromise. What if I sold the shop lights? Dan loved the idea.

I tried the Pottstown Yard Sale page on Facebook. No dice.

I tried Craigslist. Two people were interested, but neither was willing to pick the lights up.

With little hope, I listed them on eBay as a local pickup and in less than 48 hours they were sold and a man was knocking on my door to pick them up. I couldn’t thank him enough.


4 thoughts on “Thank You eBay

  1. I’ve been doing a lot of downsizing on e-bay, but I’ve never tried the local pickup option. It’s good to know that it actually can work. I have a few things I was planning to list on craigslist because I don’t want to deal with shipping them (bulky, heavy). Maybe I’ll try the e-bay option first. People want everything for nothing on craigslist. E-bay people are willing to pay ridiculous prices for some things (unfortunately, usually not my things, but occasionally…)

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