4 Matching Aprons

As a child I had a few pet peeves: being dressed in outfits that matched what my older sister was wearing, being dressed in homemade clothes since they always looked homemade and old-fashioned and being called “the girls” rather than by my sister’s and my names. It made me so mad. I wasn’t anything like my sister and I wanted the world to know it.

Naturally, I vowed to never repeat the same annoying habits when I was older.

I have broken two of those vows in making these 4 aprons.

For Christmas, I made Elly and her 3 young cousins aprons. All the aprons were made from my favorite kid’s apron pattern, the Basic Child’s Apron by Sew Liberated. All the aprons were made from cotton laminate fabric with one exception as mentioned below.

In my defense, I tried very hard to make each apron slightly different.

Elly’s apron is larger than the rest because even though she has thinned out this year, she is still built like a linebacker. The front of her apron features the royal chevron apple fabric while the reverse features the citron chevron apple fabric.

Luke’s apron was made completely from the royal chevron apple fabric.

Lily’s apron was made completely from the citron chevron apple fabric.

Poor Brooke got saddled with the leftovers.

I ran out of the cotton laminate fabric, so the reverse side of her apron is made out of home decorator fabric.

Elephants! Hopefully she likes elephants as much as Elly does.

Though the aprons look like they were handmade, the fun fabric saves them from looking old-fashioned.

Pink Chalk Studio had a helpful list of tips on how to work with cotton laminate fabric. The stickiness of the fabric was a bit annoying to work with at times, but the end result is worth it. The aprons can just be wiped clean!


2 thoughts on “4 Matching Aprons

  1. MARIE! Brooke ADORES elephants! You made the absolutely perfect choice for her, and you didn’t even know it. Love you and cannot wait to see you at Christmas. I’m taking a week’s vacation and coming down for the whole week! Mom

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