Introducing Baby Gertie

Last week on our way home from the Hickory Park pool, I pulled over to check out a yard sale. Boy was I glad I did.

I found the perfect table to sit in our living room next to our wing back chair. It was a steal at $2.

Elly made out even better. She found a new baby doll to love.

Truthfully, the doll won’t win any beauty pageants. But, her carriage could make even Cinderella green with envy.

Not only can Baby Gertie be wheeled throughout the house in it, but it is truly magical. It has two air hoses in it that can move Baby Gertie’s hands up and down when the carriage handle is squeezed.

We had named Baby Gertie right away. Elly is obsessed with learning everybody’s names these days. Later in the evening while looking the carriage over, I learned that it had a name: “Karen and her Magic Carriage”. I asked Elly if she wanted to call the baby Karen, since that was her given name.

“No, she is Baby Gertie” said Elly. And so she is.

Baby Gertie is not allowed out of the house. I don’t think I could replace her if she was lost or tossed out of the car window as we have already lost a toy and a set of CDs that way.

4 thoughts on “Introducing Baby Gertie

  1. I had one of these dolls when I was young and have been looking high and low for another one. If you by chance run across another one I would truly appreciate you letting me know. I may be contacted at I received my Karen and her magic carriage when I was around 7 years old. I can remember pushing her everywhere and even taking her to church with me, being a pastors daughter she went everytime the church doors were open. LOL Your help in finding another one is greatly appreciated. YOU HAVE A GREAT DOLL THAT BROUGH ALOT OF JOY TO THIS NOW 43 YEAR OLD LADY!

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