Call for a Test Knitter

While knitting the baseball blanket, I made an error in counting the number of rows knit. The center piece ended up being 4 rows too short.

During the finishing phase, I was able to manipulate the pieces so that even an experienced knitter would be hard pressed to notice. Heck, I’m not sure that I could point out the error now.

Before publishing the knitting pattern for the baseball blanket, I would like to test knit it again just to make sure that it was a personal counting error and not a mathematical error in the pattern. Unfortunately, I simply don’t have the time to knit it myself what with juggling Elly, knitting swatches for the new designs I’m working on and dabbling in my other hobbies. Besides, I hate knitting the same thing twice.

Though I plan to post my call for a test knitter in Ravery’s Testing Pool group, I wanted to post it on my blog first. I would love to work with a Loyal Reader rather than a complete stranger.


  • Test knit the 3 sections only. I will handle all the finishing work. Sample to be kept by me upon completion unless negotiated otherwise.
  • The blanket uses garter stitch throughout. The shape of each piece is created by the following increases and decreases: k2tog, ssk, yo, and kfb. The test knitter should be comfortable with these stitches.
  • Yarn to be provided.
  • My gratitude along with a small tip sent via Paypal to be given as compensation. Additionally, the test knitter will be acknowledged in my pattern.

If interested, please contact me directly at for more details.

Thank you!


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