Reality Hits Home

I had assumed early on in pregnancy that my baggy t-shirts and elastic waistbands would last me through the first several months of pregnancy.  A month ago, Dan finally talked me into buying myself maternity pants. I bought 1 pair, since I was still convinced that I wouldn’t really need them until the last 2 – maybe 3 – months of the pregnancy.

OK. I admit it; I was wrong. Thankfully, my SIL had no such delusions. This weekend, she sent Dan home with 3 new maternity shirts, including the one I’m wearing above. Finally, I can stop trying to stuff myself into my old clothes and start embracing this new look of mine.

Though I did start on the pink dress for Elizabeth this weekend, I am nowhere near to finishing it. Instead, I opted to use my middle-of-the-night-snacking to knit her a bib.

Pattern: Grandmother’s Favorite Baby Bib
Designer: Merin McManus Collins
Yarn: Lily’s Sugar n’ Cream in Peppermint, 100% cotton
Needles: Size 6 (I knit loose; you may want to go up to a size 8)

In my stash, I found the perfect button to use.

This is a post from Knitted Gem’s blog, authored by Marie Haigh. (Ensures that any scraper stealing content gives credit where credit is due. Trick learned from Joost de Valk).


7 thoughts on “Reality Hits Home

  1. The bib is so cute. And hey, the colors wil mask any stains or food that get on it. You are already thinking like a Mom, and don’t worry, we all thought that we would fit in our baggie clothes and not need maternity wear. (oh so lovely) actually it does look nice these days.
    You look great

  2. Thanks for sharing a picture of you and Elizabeth. Dahling You look marvelous. The baby bump looks good on you. Anna was happy to hear that you’re expecting. She laughed when she heard that you picked the same baby girl’s name as her. Take good care.

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