Fitting a Sweater and Contest Winnings

When I first moved up to the Philadelphia area from Memphis, TN, I came ill prepared. I didn’t own a proper winter jacket and didn’t own more than two sweaters. My soon-to-be-MIL at the time took pity on me and passed along many of her sweaters to me.

This was one of those sweaters.

It’s incredibly warm, being made of wool and it’s a lovely deep green. Yet, I rarely wear this sweater out in public. The trouble with it is the tight ribbing at the hip area. Goodness knows that is not an area I need to be drawing attention to. It doesn’t help that the rest of the sweater is baggy.

After being inspired by One Pearl Button’s blog, I decided I would finally tailor the sweater. I’m not quite as ambitious as Alli is though. I stuck with just cutting off a lot of the excess fabric along with the annoying ribbed edges and adding a clearly defined waist and hip area.

If you are wondering how I made the flower decoration, it was easy peasy. I just cut a daisy shape out of fleece fabric and stuck a big button on top. The only stitching required was sewing the button onto both the flower and the sweater.

I even wore the sweater out today … in public.

When I got back home, this little package was waiting for me.

My contest winnings from Sew Spun!

It’s a mini pincushion and a needle book. She also enclosed her most recent purchase: a Moo card. I have got to get me some of those.

Thank you, Mandy! I just love them and plan to put the needle book to work right away.

7 thoughts on “Fitting a Sweater and Contest Winnings

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